How to Choose Who can Comment on Your Facebook Public Posts

By default, any one can comment on your Facebook public posts. If you wish, you can choose who can comment on it.

Let’s take a look at how to do this on PC, Android and iPhone.

Choose Who can Comment on Individual Public Post (PC, Android, and iPhone)

Click on the three horizontal dots in the post for which you wish to choose who can comment.

Hit “Who can comment on your post?” (if you’re on Android or PC) or “Who can comment on this post?” (if you’re on iPhone).

You now have three options:

  • Public – Anyone can comment.
  • Friends – Only your friends can comment.
  • Profiles and Pages you mention – Only the profiles and pages you mentioned in the post can comment.

Select the option you want.

Hit the “Done” button.

That’s all.

Here’s how to set the default comment setting for public posts:


Click the Down arrow in the top right corner of Facebook.

Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Click on Public Posts in the left sidebar.

Click the Edit link beside Public Post Comments on the right.

Open the drop-down list and the available options are:

  • Friends
  • Friends of Friends
  • Public

Choose the one you want.

That’s all.

Android or iPhone

Open Facebook app.

Hit the three horizontal lines at the top right (if you are on Android) or bottom right (if you are on iPhone).

Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings > Public Posts.

In the Public Post Comments section, you can choose who can comment on your public posts.

The available options are:

  • Public
  • Friends of friends
  • Friends

Choose the one you prefer.

That’s all.