How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

When the person or page you follow goes live on Facebook, you’ll get a notification by default.

If you don’t want to get that notification, you can disable it. Let’s see how to do that on PC, Android, and iPhone.


​Sign in to Facebook.

Hit the “Inverted triangle” icon at the top right.

Click on Settings & privacy > Settings.

Hit on Notifications on the left sidebar.

Hit “Video.”

​Disable the switch beside “Allow notifications on Facebook.”

​That’s it.

If you want to turn on notifications, follow the steps above. But enable the switch.

Android or iPhone

​Open the Facebook app.

​Tap on the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the bottom if you’re on iPhone or top if you’re on Android.

​Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings.

​In the “Preferences” section, you will see “Notifications.” Tap on it.

​Find and tap “Video.”

​Disable the switch beside “Allow Notifications on Facebook.” In the confirmation pop-up, tap “Turn Off.”

​That’s all.

Note: If you want to turn on notifications, follow the above steps. But enable the switch.