How to Favorite a Friend or Page on Facebook 2021

Learn how to favorite Facebook friends and the pages you liked or follow as well as how to edit and delete favorites in this post.

I’m using a PC, Android, and iPhone in this case.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you proceed:

  • The ability to favorite friends and pages is available. However, you cannot favorite a group.
  • The number of favorites you can have is 30. In order to add a new favorite after reaching the maximum number, you need to remove someone from the Favorites.
  • If you add or remove a friend or page from Favorites, no notification will be sent to them.
  • Favoriting a friend or page will make their posts appear higher in the News Feed. Additionally, you’ll see the most recent posts first.

So let’s get going.

How to Favorite a Friend or Page on Facebook


Sign in to your Facebook account.

Hit the inverted triangle icon at the top right.

Select Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences. You can find the latter between Activity Log and Language.

In the pop-up, hit Manage Favorites.

Now you can see the friends and pages you liked or follow. Select the Star icon beside the one you want to add to Favorites.

You can use the search box to quickly find the one you want. There is also a filter available that you can use.

The filter options are:

  • All – Show you all. This is the default one.
  • Friends Only – Show you only friends.
  • Pages Only – Show you only pages.
  • Favorites Only – Show your favorites only.

To remove a favorite, all you need to do is hit the Star icon beside the favorite you want.

If you want to see the posts from your favorites only, then all you need to do is hit the Home tab if you’re not in it already, and then hit Favorites from the left sidebar. If you can’t see the latter, then you need to hit See More to see it.

Here’s an alternate method to remove a favorite:

In the News Feed, find the post from the favorite you want to remove.

Hit the three horizontal dots in the post top right.

Hit Remove X from Favorites. X is the name of a friend or page.

Android or iPhone

Open the Facebook app.

Go to the News Feed and find the post of the page or friend you want.

Hit the three horizontal dots in the post top right.

The option “Add X to Favorites” now appears. X is the name of a friend or page. You may find this option between Save video and Hide post.

Just hit it and you’re done.

Alternate Methods

You can perform this task from the search results as well. Just search for them and then tap the three horizontal dots in their post. You can see the above option. Hit it.

You can also do this from the page itself or a friend’s timeline. The steps are like those outlined above. Remember that this method is only for Facebook for iPhone.

You can find another alternate method to add a friend or page to Favorites in the next section.

How to View Favorites on Facebook

Open the Facebook app.

Hit Menu (three vertical lines). On Android, you’ll find this one at the top or bottom if you’re on an iPhone.

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings.

In the Preferences section, select News Feed. You can find this above the Reaction preferences.

You can see Favorites above “Unfollow.” Hit it.

By hitting the View Posts from Favorites button, you will only see posts from your favorites on the Favorites screen.

You can now see your favorites and Facebook’s favorite suggestions based on your activity.

The Friends tab only shows friends, and the Pages tab only shows pages.

Add the one you want to your Favorites by tapping the Add button.

That’s all.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to view the posts only from your favorites.

Scroll down and scroll up in the News Feed, and you will see the Feed Filter Bar.

Hit Favorites in it. You can find this one between Home and Recent.

Note: Manage Favorites will take you to the Favorites screen.

Here are the alternate methods:

Search for favorites, and you will see Favorites under Facebook Shortcuts. Hit it.

Tap Menu. Hit the Recent & Favorites. If you can’t find this one, then you need to tap the See More button. If you’re not in the Favorites tab, then hit it.

How to Delete Favorites on Facebook

Tap the search icon in the top right. Type favorites, and then press the Search key. Hit the Favorites in the search results.

Hit Manage Favorites.

Tap the three horizontal dots beside the favorite you’d like to remove.

Hit Remove From Favorites.

That’s all.