How to Extract Images from a PDF File (PC, Android & iPhone)

In this article you will see an easy way to retrieve images from PDF files.

Here, I use Windows 10 PC, iPhone, and Android. Let’s get started.

How to extract images from PDF


Install and open PDF Image Extractor Free software.

Click on the top “Browse” button in the software. Select the PDF file from which you want to derive images.

Click on the second “Browse” button and select the location where you want to save images.

You will now look at these three options: the first is to extract all images from the PDF. This option is chosen by default.

The second is for specifying the page range, and it only extracts any images from the page range you provide.

The third is for providing certain page numbers, and it only extracts any images from those page numbers you specify.

Once you have selected the one you want, click the “Extract” button.

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Alternative methods

Method #1

If you are a user of Adobe Acrobat Pro, you may do this work with it.

You can also do this with Adobe Acrobat Reader and find out how:

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Find the image you want. Select the image by clicking on it.

Click on the Copy Image option.

That’s it. The image is now on the clipboard.

As you can understand, this method is not suited for extracting numerous images.

Method #2

If you are a user of Adobe Photoshop, you can utilize it to do this task.

Method #3

If you prefer an online solution, you can use the free online PDF tools on the Internet to extract images from the PDF document.

Method #4

Remember that this method is not appropriate if you want to extract multiple images.

You can do this with Snip & Sketch in Windows 10:

Open the PDF.

Press Windows + Shift + S.

Select the desired snip type and then use it.

That’s it. You can now see the image on the clipboard.


Install and open the PDF Utils app.

Click on the “Extract Images” option.

Select the PDF file.

In the pop-up, enter the page number from which you want to extract images. If you want to extract all images, enter “0” without double quotes. Press “OK.”

Allow permission for the app.

That’s it. The app starts the process, and once it’s complete, you can see the images that were extracted from the PDF.

Remember that the app stores the extracted images in a folder with the name of the PDF. You can find this folder in the “Pictures” folder of your internal storage.

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Install and open iLovePDF app.

Navigate to the Tools tab.

Tap “PDF to JPG.”

Select a location. Here I select the “iPhone,” tap the “+” icon at the bottom and then press the “Browse” option.

Search for and hit the desired PDF file.

Select the PDF file.

Press the “Next” button.

Click on “Extract images.”

Tap the “Convert to JPG” button.

That’s it. In the “Files” tab of the app, you will find the images in the subfolder of the “iLovePDF” folder.

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