How to Fix Google Play Store Error RH-01

Sometimes, Play Store is showing errors to us and error RH-01 (“Error while retrieving information from server.”) is one of them. It usually arises at the following scenarios:

Opening the Play Store.

Downloading apps from Play Store.

Updating apps from Play Store.

Recently, I got this error while opening the Play Store. Take a look at the error here:

Error RH-01 while opening the play store

In today’s post, we will see the 3 different methods to fix this error RH-01.

I recommend you to try the following methods one by one till the issue get resolved. Let’s get started.

Fix Google Play Store Error RH-01

Method #1

Check the date and time on your mobile phone.

If it is correct, then move ahead to the next step. If it is not, then change it and see if the issue got fixed.

Method #2

Go to Settings > Apps > All tab.

Tap Google Play Store.

Tap “Force Stop”, “Clear data” and “Clear cache” buttons.

Now go to “All” tab again and tap Google Play services.

Tap the buttons “Force Stop”, “Clear data” and “Clear cache”.

Once done, just open up the Play Store and it will open without any error. Personally, I’ve solved the issue with this method.

Method #3

Go to Settings > Google (under “Accounts” section).

Tap your Gmail account.

Press Menu. Tap Remove account > remove account.

Restart the phone.

Now, add and configure the Gmail account.

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