3 Different Ways to Fix Google Play Store Error 927

Sometimes while downloading or updating apps, it may result in error messages with random numbers. Google Play Store error 927 is one of them.

In this post, we will see 3 different methods to fix Google Play Store error 927. I recommend you to try the following methods in order. Let’s get started.

Fix Google Play Store Error 927


Try to use different internet connection.

For instance, if you are using the mobile data connection, then switch to the WiFi internet connection and try to download the apps. If you are using WiFi, then switch to the mobile data.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > All tab.
  • Find and tap Google Play Store.
  • Tap the following options in order.
  • Force stop

    Clear data

    Clear cache

    After doing these, try to download apps. If it won’t work, then go to the Google Play Store again.

  • Click on "Uninstall updates".
Uninstall updates of google play store

This will fix the issue. If it won’t work, then follow the next method.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on the Google option (It is under "Account" section).
  • Tap on your Google account.
  • Press menu.
  • Select "Remove account" and tap "Remove account" on the confirmation message.
  • Clear data and cache of "Google Play Store" using above method.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Go to Settings again.
  • Under "Accounts" section, find and tap "Add account" option.
  • Add and configure your Google account again.

I hope that the information in this post is useful to you. If you find the information in this post useful, share this post with your friends.​

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