How to Download Torrents with IDM

By default, you can't download torrents with IDM. But, you can do it by using online torrent downloader sites.

In this post, we will see 2 sites which help us to do this task. Let's get started.

Download Torrents with IDM



At ZbigZ, you can download torrents with or without free registration.

Free accounts have limitations such as only downloading 1-2 files simultaneously and download speed is limited to 150 Kbps.

ZbigZ free and premium account details


  • Go to ZbigZ website.
  • Click on "Upload" to upload the torrent file from your PC. Alternatively, you can provide the magnet link of the torrent.
  • Click on "Go" button.
  • It takes some time to cache your file. The time depends on the size of the torrent files.
  • After the caching is done, click on "Download" button to download torrents with IDM.

In case, if the IDM is not installed on your PC, it will be downloaded via browser’s download manager.


Bitport is a torrent downloader website which absolutely changes your torrent downloading experience. You can use the Bitport to download torrent files with IDM.

The Bitport download the torrents to your cloud storage directly (which is provided for you at the time of account registration).

The good thing about the Bitport is its speed. This online torrent downloader offers the following important features:

  • Bitport offers the SSL certificate and all the downloaded files are scanned with the popular antivirus NOD-32 (only for the premium accounts).
  • All the downloading information is securely encrypted, so even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can’t able to tell what you are downloading.
  • Since downloads are in the cloud, you can play it from anywhere using any device. Since the website is optimized, you can use this on smartphones and tablets.
  • If you have an iPhone (or iPad) and Apple TV, then you can stream videos using AirPlay.

Check out my Bitport review to get the complete details.

Bitport pricing list

Bitport offers free and premium plans. I recommend you to try the Small plan.

If you are a frequent torrent downloader, then you can try the Big plan.

If you’re not satisfied with the premium plan, Bitport will return your money back (30-day money back guarantee).

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