How to Disable Site and Search Suggestions on Edge

You can see site and search suggestions when you type in the address bar of Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

In this post, we will see the how to disable those suggestions. Let us start.

Disable Site and Search Suggestions on Edge

Step 1: Open Edge.

Step 2: Hit the three horizontal dots at the top right.

Step 3: Click on Settings.

Step 4: From the left sidebar, hit Privacy and services. Click on Address bar.

Step 5: Now, you can see Show me search and site suggestions using my typed characters. Beside it, you can see a toggle switch. Disable it.

That is all. From now on, no site and search suggestions. But remember that you will see suggestions from your history and favorites.

Note: If you want to revert, follow the above steps but instead of disabling, enable.