How to Disable Capacitive Buttons on Android

In this post, we’ll see how to disable capacitive buttons on Android.

Keep in mind that you can follow this post on rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Let’s get started.


Install and open the Buttons remapper (no root) app.

Enable accessibility service for the app (you can follow on-screen instructions to do this).

Now, you can see the main screen.

Tap the “+” icon. Choose the “Short and long press” option.

Open the drop-down list under “Key” and choose the capacitive button you want to disable.

Open the drop-down list under “Action” and select “Do nothing.” Tap the “Ok.”

That’s it. The selected capacitive button is disabled. Now, do the above steps (4-6) for all the capacitive buttons you want to disable.

If you want to enable capacitive buttons in the future, then delete the actions you’ve created regarding them.

Here’s how you can delete an action: Long press the action you want to delete and then tap “Delete.”

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