How to Disable App Notifications on Android (Individual and All)

If you feel Android app notifications as distracting and annoying, then you can disable it. When it comes to disabling notifications, you have two options:

You can disable individual app notifications

You can disable all app notifications

In this post, we will see both of them in detail. Let’s get started.

Disable Individual App Notifications

You can do this by using built-in features on Android and here are the steps:

For Lollipop Devices and Above:

Settings > Sound and notification > App notifications > Tap the app > Turn on the toggle beside “Block all”.

Disabling individual app notification on Marshmallow

For Jelly Bean and KitKat Devices:

Go to Settings > Apps > All > Tap the app.

Uncheck “Show notifications” option.

Press OK in the confirmation dialog box.

You will not receive notifications for that particular app anymore. You can use the above steps to stop the unwanted notifications from the apps you prefer.

Alternatively, you can use the same steps to disable notifications of all Android apps.

But, it is a time-consuming task and you can do this in 2 minutes by using the following app.

Disable All App Notifications

You can use Notifications Off app to disable all app notifications.

But, in order to use this app, you need to have a rooted Android device. If you have a rooted Android device, then you are good to go.

Open the app. Remember that unchecking an app means you are disabling that particular app notification.

By default, you are in the default profile which allows notifications from all the apps. The highlight of this app is that it allows us to create a profile as per our need.

For Instance:

You can create a profile called “disable all” to disable all notifications. You can create another profile called “WhatsApp” to disable all the notifications except WhatsApp.

Likewise, you can create different profiles and switch to it as per your need.

So How to Create a Profile?

Click on “Hamburger” icon and tap “+”.

Enter the profile name. In this instance, I’m creating a profile to disable all notifications. So, I’m naming it as “Disable all”.

Now, you can see the new profile in the list.


Select “Disable all” from the drop-down list [see screenshot].

Click on “Clear all” button.

Click on “Save” icon at the top.

That’s all. All the app notifications are disabled.

The app will disable notifications automatically for all newly installed apps. But, you need to enable that option available in the settings to get that feature.

Note: You can drag and drop these profiles to your home screen from where you can enable it in second.

Here are the steps:

Long press home screen > Select Widgets > Notifications Off.

Hold and drag the widget to the home screen.

Select the profile you need.

Now you can see the selected profile shortcut on your home screen.

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