How to Request Desktop Version on iPhone

In this post, we’ll see how to request the desktop version of a site on the iPhone. Let’s get started.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Go to the site you prefer.
  3. Long press the “Refresh” icon in the address bar.
  4. Hit the “Request Desktop Site” option.

Alternatively, you can do the same task with the following steps:

  1. Go to your preferred site in Safari.
  2. Hit the “Share” icon.
  3. Now, hit the “Request Desktop Site” option which you can find between “Print” and “Find on Page.”


The above methods don’t work for all websites. For instance, – Twitter.

For Gmail desktop version:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account in Safari.
  2. Tap the Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) at the top.
  3. Hit the “Desktop” link at the bottom.

Now, you can see the desktop version (“Basic HTML” view) of Gmail. 

If you want to see the desktop version (“Standard” view) of Gmail, then follow two more steps:

Request desktop version using steps 3 and 4 at the top.

Tap the “standard” link at the bottom.

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