How to Delete YouTube Videos

In this post, you’ll see the steps to delete a YouTube video.

Before proceeding, I suggest you take a backup of your YouTube video.

In this instance, I’m using Windows 10 PC, Android and iPhone. Let’s get started.

​How to Delete a Video on YouTube


Go to YouTube Studio. 

Hit the “Videos” in the left sidebar. 

Select the video(s) you want to remove. 

Here’s an important thing to note:

By default, each page shows thirty videos.

You can change that to up to fifty videos using the drop-down list at the bottom.

And remember, only the videos on the page can be removed at once. In other words, only a maximum of fifty videos can be deleted at once.

Hit “More actions.” Click on “Delete forever.”

Select the checkbox in the pop-up.

Hit “Delete Forever.”

Android or iPhone

Open the YouTube app.

Tap “Library” at the bottom.

Hit “Your videos.”

Find the one you want to remove.

Tap the three vertical dots beside it.

Hit the “Delete” option.

Tap “Delete” in the confirmation pop-up.

Note: Unfortunately, there is no option to delete multiple or all videos at once using the YouTube app (Android or iPhone).