How to Delete WhatsApp Account

Do you find a WhatsApp alternative and you do not want to be a WhatsApp user anymore?


Do you want to delete your WhatsApp account for some reasons?

Well, whatever the reasons may be, you can delete your account at any time you want. It is a simple task, and it can be done in two minutes.

However, before you proceed with the steps, here are the things that you need to know which will happen after deleting your WhatsApp account:

  • You will not be visible on your friend’s WhatsApp contact list.
  • You will be removed from all groups.
  • Your backup will be deleted from your phone.
  • Your Google Drive backup will be deleted.
  • The messages you have sent before deleting your account will be visible to your friends.

Well, if you are OK with the above, then you can proceed with the following steps.

Delete WhatsApp Account


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    Open WhatsApp. Tap Overflow menu (three vertical dots).
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    Go to Settings > Account.

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    Now, you can find "Delete my account" option at the bottom. Tap it.
Delete my account option in Account
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    Provide your phone number and then tap "Delete My Account" button.
Providing phone number
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    Now, you can provide the feedback about "why you are leaving" if you wish.
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    Tap "Delete My Account" button.
Feedback screen
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    In the next screen, tap "Delete My Account" button. 
Delete my account button

That’s it. Your WhatsApp account is deleted successfully. Now, you should be on the Welcome screen of the WhatsApp installation. Just close the app and then uninstall it if you prefer.

You can re-install the app using the same phone number at any time you want.

Additional Hint

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    You cannot do this task on WhatsApp Web.
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    If you want to block any WhatsApp user, then you can find the steps here.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Account

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