How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

If you want to delete Twitter account permanently, then this guide is for you.

Twitter Deletion Process

Twitter doesn't have the option to delete your account immediately. First, you need to deactivate your account which puts your account in the deletion queue.

Twitter will keep your data for 30 days and you can reactivate your account in that 30 days period.

If you haven't reactivated it, then your account will be deleted.

But, here are some important things to note before deleting the Twitter account:

  • Don't delete your account for changing the username or email address. It can be done within the settings.
  • I suggest you to take a backup of your Twitter account before deleting it.

Ok, we've gone through the enough details. Let's go to the process to delete your Twitter account.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently

You can't delete your Twitter account on the Twitter app or Twitter mobile website.

You can do it on the Twitter web or desktop version of the Twitter. In this instance, I'm using the Twitter web. Let's check it out the steps.


  • Log into Twitter.
  • Click on your Profile icon and select the "Settings and privacy" option.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see the "Deactivate my account" link.
  • Click on "Deactivate Twitter username" button.
  • Deactivate Twitter username
    • Save
  • Provide the password and click on "Deactivate account" button.
  • Twitter account deactivated message
    • Save

That's all. Your account is deactivated now and it'll be deleted after 30 days.

How to Reactivate Your Twitter account?

If you want to reactivate your account, then just log into your Twitter account and it will get reactivated.

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How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

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