How to Delete Recent Chats Contacts on WhatsApp?

In Forward to screen (the screen which you can see during you forward), you can see the Recent chats section along with My status option, Frequently contacted, and Other contacts sections.

The above is the case of Android. In the case of the iPhone, it only has My status option, Frequently contacted and Recent chats section.

Removing the conversation of contact will remove it from the Recent chats section. Let’s see some important things before proceeding to the steps.


Remember that a group chat in the Recent chats section will remain there until you exit from that group and delete its chat.

Keep in mind that the below steps will remove a contact from the Recent chats section. This is the case for the iPhone. But in the case of Android, those contact will appear in Other contacts section.

Remember that Other contacts section contains all your WhatsApp contains except the ones that are in the Frequently contacted and Recent chats.

Let’s see the steps to do this task on Android and iPhone:


Open WhatsApp.

In the Chats tab, long-press the conversation(s) that you want to remove from the Recent chats section.

Hit the Trash can icon at the top.

In the pop-up, select Delete media in this chat option if you want to delete media of this chat. Otherwise, unselect it.

Trash can icon at the top

Hit Delete option in the pop-up.

Confirmation pop-up


The following are the steps to remove a single conversation.

Open WhatsApp.

Hit Chats, which you can find between Camera and Settings at the bottom. 

Slide the conversation that you want to remove from the Recent chats section to the left.

Tap More, which you can find beside Archive.

More option

In the pop-up, hit Delete Chat, which you can find beneath Clear Chat.

Delete Chat option on WhatsApp for iPhone

In the pop-up, tap the Delete Chat option.

Delete Chat option

That’s all.