How to Delete Recent Chats Contacts on WhatsApp

In my previous post, I have talked about the steps to delete Frequently contacted contacts and groups on WhatsApp.

In this post, we will see the steps to delete Recent chats contacts on WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that we can delete contacts. However, we cannot remove the groups under the “Recent chats” section.

This one is the concept here: Delete the chat of the “Recent chats” contacts that you want to remove, and those contacts automatically get deleted from the “Recent chats.”

Let’s see how to do this in detail.

Delete Recent Chats Contacts on WhatsApp


Open the chat of the contact or group (I am suggesting to open group chat), select a message, hit “Forward” icon and you can see the “Forward to…” screen now.

Keep in mind that you may see the contact or group you opened in the “Recent chats” section.

Note it down the “Recent chats” contacts that you want to remove.

Recent chats section

Now, go to Chats screen (where you can see all chats) and select the contact(s) that you want to remove from the “Recent chats” section.

Hit the “Trash Can” icon (it is in between the “Pin” and “​Mute” icon).

Trash Can icon on WhatsApp

In the confirmation popup, choose “Delete.” If you want to keep Media from the selected chat(s), uncheck the option “Delete media from my phone” before hitting “Delete” option.


When you follow the above steps, you can see that the “Recent chats” contacts that you want to remove are deleted. However, those contacts appear in the “Other contacts” section of the “Forward to…” screen.

Typically, “Other contacts” section contains all your WhatsApp contacts except the ones that appear under the “Frequently contacted” and “Recent chats.”

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