How to Delete All Likes on Twitter at Once

Twitter has the option to delete like one by one and no bulk-delete option.

If you prefer to bulk-delete, then the third-party app is our only way to go.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Delete All Likes At Once


Go to “Twitter Archive Eraser“.

Download and open the application.

Click on the first check box and then “Sign In” button. Leave the second check box intact.

Now provide your Twitter account credentials and click on “Authorize app” button.

You can see the pin now; Copy it and paste it on the application.

Now you can see this screen where you can select what to delete; We’re in the process of removing likes; So, just click on “Delete Favorites” button.

Delete Favorites Button

You can see your Twitter likes count at the top along with the query limitation.

Click on “Start” button to fetch likes.

Once it is done, click “Next”.

Fetched Likes

Now you can see the fetched likes within the application. By default, all are selected. But, if you wish, you can use filter. In this instance, I want to delete all. So I just leave it “all selected”.

All Likes are Selected

Click on “Erase selected tweets” button. Click “OK” button on the confirmation popup.

That’s it. The app will do the rest and prompt you with the “Success” notification once the process is done.

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