How to Delete Google Search History on Android

Google search stores your search terms and browsing activities only when you are logged in to your Gmail account and web & app activity is turned on.

If our search queries have private or sensitive data, we don’t want anyone to see them. But, if you are giving your phone to your friend, then he can know your private search terms while browsing.

In a nutshell, Google will suggest the search queries that are stored in your web & app activity. This may provide an advantage of quick search and user-friendliness. But also reveals our search terms when Google search is used by someone else.

Google offers us options to delete selective or all the google search history. Let’s check out both the options.

Steps to Delete Selective Google Search History

If you are using Google search android app and want to delete selective terms, follow the simple steps.

Open the app and click on the search bar. You can see the search terms.

Now, long-press the search term that you want to delete.

Press delete for the confirmation.

That’s it. The particular search term is deleted from your search history.

Alternatively, you can delete the selective search terms by the following method

Go to your web & app activity page.

Log in with your Google account credentials (if you are not already logged in).

You can see the search terms are listed by date.

To delete individual search queries, click on the checkbox near the search query and click on the delete button at the top right corner.

To delete all the search queries from a single date, click on the checkbox near the date and click on the delete button.

To delete search terms from the particular date, click on the calendar button at the top and select the date. Now, you can see the search queries for that date.

Steps to Delete All Google Search History on Android

To delete Google search history on Android, follow the below steps

Go to the web & app activity page.

Click on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the top right corner.

Now in the pop-up, select advanced.

Select all time from the drop-down list (see screenshot).

Click on the delete option to delete all search history along with all other information. Choose delete in the confirmation message.

How to Prevent Future Google Searches From Being Saved?

You can prevent your future google searches from being saved to web & app activity by following any of the methods.

Both methods do the same job, use any of them which is convenient for you.

Method #1

Click on the Google settings icon in the app drawer.

Navigate to personal info & privacy > activity controls.

Click on web & app activity.

Now, click on the checkbox near “on”. Click on the pause button.

Method #2

Go to the web & app activity.

Click on the overflow menu and select settings.

It will open the activity controls page. Now, turn the slider to off.

Click pause for the confirmation message.

That’s it. Your searches and browsing activity is paused and your future searches and browsing activity will not be stored by Google.

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