How to Delete Amazon Fire TV Stick Voice Recordings

Amazon stores all your Amazon Fire TV Stick voice searches on its servers.

If you wish, you can delete it and here are the steps:

Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” on your Amazon account. Here is the link that will take you there. Sign in if not already.

Click on “Your Devices” tab.

Select your Fire TV Stick if not selected already.

Fire TV Stick is selected under Your Devices tab

Find and click on “Manage Voice Recordings” link. Now, you can see “Manage Voice Recordings” popup.

Read the message and then click on the “Delete” button in the popup.

Manage Voice Recordings popup

That is all. All are done.

There is no option to stop storing voice recordings on Amazon servers or clear recordings automatically. In short, all your future voice searches will be saved, and you need to delete it manually.

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