How to Delete Leftover Files and Folders of Uninstalled Apps on Android

You uninstalled an app (Settings > Apps > Tap App Name > Uninstall Button > Tap OK) and everything regarding the app gets deleted.

Is it right?

No, not always.

Whenever you uninstall an app, the app gets deleted completely; But the files and folder created by the app may be on your device after the uninstallation.

The remnant files and folders of the uninstalled apps are known as orphaned files and folders.

Not every app uninstallation does leave orphaned files. But, some apps uninstallation does.

And, we have two choices to get rid of these:

  • We can check the storage after the uninstallation. And, if there are any leftover files and folders, then we need to delete those manually.
  • We can use app to get rid of these unnecessary things.

I recommend the second way.


Because it can prevent you from deleting the files and folders accidentally that are not related to the uninstalled apps and it saves time.

Want to go with the second way? Let’s get started.

Delete Leftover Files and Folders of Uninstalled Apps

I’m suggesting two apps for this task. You can use any one you prefer.


ES File Explorer

This app needs no introduction, right? Well, this app has the functionality to clear these junk files. Let’s see how to do with this app.

  • Open the app. Go to Menu > Tools > Cleaner.
  • Now you can see that the app begins its work and it will show the results in a while.
  • The "Residual Junk" is the option you need to check out. It will show the uninstalled apps leftover.
  • Residual Junk of ES File Explorer
  • If you wish, tap the app name and tap "Directory Analyze" button to see the remnant files and folders of the corresponding app.
  • Once you decided to delete, tap on "Clean Now" button.

Clean Master

  • Open the app and tap the Junk Files option.
  • Grant the access; It will beginning scanning and show you the results in a while.
  • "Residual junk files" is the section you need to look. Also, you can check it out the items in the "Ad junk" section (Especially Empty folders).
  • Clean Master Residual junk files section
  • Under these sections, you may see the uninstalled apps leftover items.
  • If you wish, tap the item to see the information about it.
  • Select all the items you wish and click on "Clean Junk" button to delete the items.

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