How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

So, you have finally decided to delete Facebook account. Right?

Before we get the task done, you need to know the difference between deactivating FB account and deleting FB account because both are different entirely.

Deactivating Facebook account – Temporary; you can restore it anytime.

Deleting Facebook account – Permanent; you cannot restore it.

If your choice is deactivation, see our Facebook deactivation guide.

If your choice is the deletion, continue reading this post.

Before deleting the Facebook account, it is good to take a backup of your Facebook account. Let’s get started.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently


Go to this URL. Log into Facebook if not already.

Click on “Delete My Account” button.

Delete My Account

Provide the password and captcha.

That is all. Your Facebook account deletion request is made.

FB account deletion request is made

FB will take care of the rest, and your account will be permanently deleted within 14 days. If you log in during those time, your account deletion is canceled.


​Information that is not stored in your account is not getting deleted. For instance, the messages you sent to your friend may not get deleted.

FB may take 90 days to remove data stored in the backup systems; however, the information is not accessible on Facebook during this time.

Some material copies such as log records may remain in the FB database, but the personal identifiers are disassociated.

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