How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

If you don't want the blog or can't maintain the blog you've created, then you can delete your blog.

In this post, we will see the steps to do this task. Let's get started.​

Delete Blogger Blog


  • Select the blog that you want to delete.
  • Click on Settings > Other > Delete blog

I highly recommend you to download your blog before deleting it. You can download it by clicking on "Download Blog" button.

Delete Blog
  • Click on "Delete This Blog" button to delete the blog.

The blog is not get deleted permanently. You can see the deleted blog in the "Deleted blogs" section.

You can restore your deleted blog (you need to click on "Undelete" button to restore it) within 90 days. If not, then it gets deleted permanently.

If you want to permanently delete it right now, then follow the below steps:​

  • Select the deleted blog name in the "Deleted blogs" section (Click on inverted triangle besides blog name).
  • Click on "Permanently Delete" button.
  • In the confirmation message, click on "Permanently delete".

That's all. Your blog should get deleted permanently.

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How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

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