How to Delete Facebook Messages All at Once

Deleting all the messages from the Facebook is a time-consuming task. By default, you can delete messages by opening individual conversation > Actions (Gear icon) > Delete messages > Select messages you want to delete > Delete.

Alternatively, if you use "Delete conversation" option, it will delete the entire conversation. If you are having a Facebook account with lots of messages, then deleting all at once is a smart move.

But, Facebook doesn't have the inbuilt option to delete all the messages at once. But with the help of extensions, you can delete Facebook messages all at once.

Deleting all the messages means deleting all the Facebook messages from all the conversation in your Facebook account.

Before deleting messages, I suggest you to take a backup of your Facebook account. Let's get started.

Delete Facebook Messages All at Once


  • Install the Chrome extension "Facebook Message Cleaner".
  • Now, go to this URL.
  • Click on the extension and click on "Click to Analyze" button.
  • Click to Analyze button
  • Once the extension finished the analyzing process, it will show you the option to delete all Facebook messages.
  • Click to clean button
  • Click on "Click to clean" button and the extension will take care of the rest.
  • All Facebook messages have been deleted

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How to Delete Facebook Messages All at Once

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