How to Change Default Apps on Android

In this post you will see the steps to change default apps.

You will also find the steps to remove defaults.

In this case, I use an Android Phone running 10. Let’s get started.

How to change default apps on Android

Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Tap “Apps & notifications.”

Click on “Default apps.”

Now you can find:

  • Assist app – to set the default Assist app
  • Browser app – to set the default browser
  • Caller ID & spam app – to set default app that identifies calls and blocks spam
  • Home app – to set default launcher
  • Phone app – to set the default Phone app
  • SMS app – to the default SMS App

Hit the one you prefer.

I opted for the “Home app” option.

Remember that the “Gear” icon, which you can find next to the “Home app” option, will take you to the current default launcher’s settings.

Select the desired launcher.

Note: The procedure is almost the same for the other options, such as the “SMS app.”

How to remove defaults on Android

Note: The following steps work for the “Browser app” and “Home app,” but not for the “SMS app,” “Caller ID & spam app,” and “Phone app.”

Here are the steps:

Open the Settings app.

Click Apps & notifications > See all X apps (X is a number).

Tap the default app you prefer.

Hit Advanced > Open by default.

Tap the “Clear defaults” button.

Note: For the Assist app, tap Assist app > Assist app and select “None.”

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Alternative method

Note: The following steps only work for the “Browser app” and “Home app.”

Open the Settings app.

Click Apps & notifications > See all X apps (X is a number).

Tap the three vertical dots at the top right.

You will see two options – Show system that displays system apps, and Reset app preferences.

Hit the latter.

In the pop-up you will see this message:

This will reset all preferences for:

  • Disabled apps
  • Disabled app notifications
  • Default applications for actions
  • Background data restrictions for apps
  • Any permission restrictions

You will not lose any app data.

If you agree, tap the “Reset apps” option.