How to Deactivate Facebook Account

Facebook is fun and helping us to connect with friends. At the same time, it has some disadvantages like Facebook addiction.

There are so many ways to get rid of this Facebook addiction, and one such method is deactivating your Facebook account.

Here is an important thing to note:

Deleting Facebook account and deactivating Facebook account is a different thing.

Deleting FB account is permanent, and you cannot access your account anymore.

Deactivating Facebook account hides your account from other Facebook users, and you can access it at any time by reactivating it.

What Does Will happen to Your Facebook Account After Deactivating?

No one can find you via FB search.

Your posts on your friend’s wall remain, but your name becomes a non-clickable text (your name do not have links to your FB account).

You are taken off from the community pages, and the photos tagged to you will become detagged.

If you are OK with the above, let’s move ahead to the steps to do the task.

Deactivate Facebook Account


Log into Facebook.

Click on “Inverted Triangle” at the top.

Select “Settings.”

In the menu on the left, click “Security.”

Find and click “Edit” link beside “Deactivate your account.”

Click on “Deactivate your account” link.

Facebook should prompt you to select the reason for deactivating Facebook. You can pick a reason you prefer (In this instance, I choose “Other”). The notifications and email invitations from your Facebook friends would come to your inbox if you did not select the option “Opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook.” If you do not want FB friends emails, select this option.

Facebook deactivation screen

Press the “Deactivate” button. Click “Deactivate Now” button in the confirmation message.

That’s it. Your FB account is deactivated.

FB account deactivated

In case, if you want to reactivate, just log into your FB account, and your account will be reactivated.

Deactivate Facebook on Facebook App

Open the Facebook app.

Go to “Account Settings.”

Click on the “Security” option.

Tap the “Deactivate” option at the bottom.

Deactivate link on Facebook app

​Choose the deactivate reason and email opt out.

Click on “Deactivate” button.

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