How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

In Windows 10, dark mode isn’t enabled by default. You can turn it on if you wish and here’s how:

Open Settings (Press Windows key + I for that).

Hit Personalisation > Colours.

At the bottom, you can find “Choose your default app mode.” Beneath it, you can see two options – Light and Dark.

Light and Dark options

Choose “Dark.”

Selected Dark option

That’s it. Dark mode is enabled successfully.

In the future, if you want to revert, follow the above steps and choose “Light” instead of “Dark.”

Enable Dark Theme in Microsoft Edge

The above steps will not enable dark mode in Edge browser.

If you want to enable dark mode in Edge, then here’re the steps:

Open Microsoft Edge.

Hit three horizontal dots at the top and then click “Settings.”

Open the drop-down list under “Choose a theme.”

Select “Dark.”

Selected Dark

That’s it. All done.

If you want to revert, follow the above steps and instead of “Dark,” select “Light.”

Selected Light

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