How to Customize Alarm on Android

We all use the Android alarm in our routine. Typically, there aren't much customization options for alarm, right?

But, if you want to customize alarm in your handset, then this guide is for you. In this post, we will see the steps to customize alarm on Android. Let’s get started.

Customize Alarm on Android

Change Look, Style and Color of Alarm

When you set an alarm, you can see the default alarm clock icon in the status bar showing random time. By default, it will not show the time for which you set the alarm.

But, you can use the following Xposed module to display the alarm clock with your alarm time in the status bar. Also, you can change the style and color of the alarm clock with this module.

But, there are 2 requirements needed to get this done:

If you have both the requirements, then you are good to go.


  • Open Xposed framework and navigate to the Download section.
  • Search for the “DynamicAlarmIcon”.
  • Install it, activate it and reboot the device.
  • After reboot, open the module from the app drawer. Now, you can see these options:
  • Clock style - to change the clock style

    Clock color - to change the clock color

  • Tap the options and change them as per your wish. By default, your alarm time will be shown in the status bar alarm clock.
  • Just set the alarm, reboot the device and you can see the changes now.
  • Changed the color, style and alarm time of alarm clock

Voice Control Alarm

WakeVoice Trial alarm clock app not only sets the alarm, it has so many features which make your morning wake up wonderful.

The highlight in this app is that you can stop and snooze the alarm with your voice. In a nutshell, you can set up a voice control alarm using this app.

Let’s check it out the steps to use to this app and its important features.


  • Open the app and click on + icon to set up the alarm.
  • While setting up an alarm, you can see this two options:
  • Activate voice recognition

    Activate speech synthesis

  • Select both options or as per your need. In this instance, I’m selecting both options.
  • In the "customized message" option, you can set up a custom message which you want to hear after alarm stops. You can use this option as a reminder.
  • Customized Alarm message
  • Now, you can set up which options you want the app to inform you
  • News - Voice news activation

    Weather - Voice weather activation

    Calendar - Voice calendar activation

    Horoscope - Voice horoscope activation

    Setting alarm on WakeVoice Trial alarm clock app
  • Once you set the options, click on the “Alarm clock test” to test the alarm. Click on it and a Google voice listener will pop up.
  • Just say “STOP” and the alarm stops. The snooze option (say snooze to snooze the alarm) will not work in the test mode.
  • Once you confirm everything is working properly, click on "Done" button to set the alarm.

Important Features

1. When you just slide in the app, it will show you two options:

Dock mode

Night mode

2. Go to the Advanced settings (the icon beside the + icon):

Volumes - you can set progressive volume, alarm volume and much more settings regarding volumes.

Morning data - you can change the weather, news, and all the morning data settings here as per your wish.

How to Change Stop and Snooze Command to Your Own Command?

It's simple. Follow the below steps:

  • Go to Advanced settings > Voice recognition.
  • Enable “Voice keywords”.
  • Click on the "Stop keyword" to change stop keyword to your custom command. Also, you can change the snooze command by clicking on “Snooze command”.

I suggestyou to play with the settings in the app to customize it completely as per your need.

I hope that the information in this post is useful for you. If you find the information in this post useful, please share this post with your friends.

How to Customize Alarm on Android

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