How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Previously I have talked about Gmail canned response which is a Gmail Labs feature. In this post, we will see another Gmail Labs feature “custom keyboard shortcuts”.

Before moving to the custom keyboard shortcuts, let’s take a look at Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

The keyboard shortcut is the fastest way to access Gmail. By default, some Gmail keyboard shortcuts are enabled and some are disabled.

But, you can enable the disabled shortcuts in a minute and here is the step.

  • In Gmail, Press ? and click on “Enable” link.
  • Enable link

Alternate Method to Enable Keyboard Shortcuts:

Now, you can operate your Gmail account using keyboard shortcuts.

Here is the list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, just press the “?” in the Gmail to view the list of keyboard shortcuts within Gmail.

List of keyboard shortcuts

To Turn Off Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Just press ? and click on “Disable” link.

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom keyboard shortcuts feature can be used to change default shortcut or to create a new shortcut in Gmail.

This is a Labs feature now. So, you need to enable it manually.

  • Select Gear > Settings > Labs (Click this link to go to Labs).
  • Find “Custom keyboard shortcuts”. Click “Enable” and “Save changes” button.
  • In the Settings, now you can see a new tab “Keyboard Shortcuts”.
  • Under “Keyboard Shortcuts”, you can change the default one or create a custom one.

For instance:

For "Go to Inbox", the default shortcut is “gi”. You can change it as “gp”. Your new shortcut for Inbox becomes “gp” and you can’t access Inbox by using the old one (gi) anymore.

gp for inbox


You can create the “gp” as a new shortcut for Inbox by entering it in the blank field. So, now you can access the Inbox by using gi or gp.

gi or gp for inbox

Customize the shortcuts as per your liking and click on “Save changes” button. Just sign out and sign in again to make the custom keyboard shortcuts to work properly.

To remove all the custom keyboard shortcuts and revert all of them to default:

  • Click on “Restore Defaults” link (at the bottom).
  • Click on “Save changes” button.
  • Sign out and sign in again will make the default keyboard shortcuts to work.

If you don’t want this Gmail Labs feature, then you can disable it by going to Settings > Labs.

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How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

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