How to Create WhatsApp Account on Android

WhatsApp is the most popular and free instant messaging app. You can use it to send messages, and make voice and video calls.

By default, to use WhatsApp on Android, all you need is WhatsApp app for Android and WhatsApp account.

So, in this post, we will see the steps to:

Install WhatsApp app on Android

Create a WhatsApp account on Android

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Install WhatsApp App on Android

Open App Drawer.

Find and tap the “Play Store” app.

Tap the “Search Box” at the top.

Now, type WhatsApp and then hit the “Search” icon on the keyboard. The first result (WhatsApp Messenger) is the official WhatsApp app.

Tap the “Install” button.

Install button on WhatsApp Messenger

The Play Store will successfully do the rest and notify you once the app is installed.

WhatsApp Messenger Successfully Installed notification

Create a WhatsApp Account

Keep in mind that you need to verify your phone number while creating a WhatsApp account.

With that said, let’s see how to create a WhatsApp account.


Open App Drawer.

Find and tap the “WhatsApp” app.

Now, you will be in the “Welcome to WhatsApp” screen.

Click the link on the screen if you want to read WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Tap “Agree And Continue” button if you are “OK” with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Agree And Continue button

WhatsApp will now ask you to provide some permissions. Provide it.

After that, you will be on the “Verify your phone number” screen. If you need to change country code, change it. Moreover, provide your phone number and then tap “Next.”

Verify your phone number screen

In the confirmation popup, tap “OK.”

OK button on the phone number confirmation popup

WhatsApp will now prompt you to provide permission to view SMS so that it can automatically detect the verification code.

View SMS messages permission popup

If you provide permission, then WhatsApp will automatically detect verification code and move ahead to the next step. If you do not give the consent, then you need to enter it manually. In this instance, I am providing permission to view SMS messages.

Now, the WhatsApp will auto-detect the verification code and move ahead to the “Profile info” screen.

Here, you can provide your name and profile photo (optional) as per your choice.

Profile info screen

Tap “Next,” and that is all.

You will be in the “Chats” screen of WhatsApp now.

Chats screen

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