How to Create Multiple Folders at Once in Windows 10

In my previous post, I have talked about five different ways to create a new folder in Windows 10.

In this post, we will see how to create multiple folders at once.

Windows 10 does not have an option to do this task. However, you can do it by using the Command Prompt. Here are the steps:

Launch Command Prompt. Make sure the path in the Command Prompt is the one you want. If not, change the path using the cd command.

Type cd. Hit the “Space Bar” key and then type or paste the path you want. Hit “Enter.”

Now, type md. Hit the “Space Bar” key and then type a folder name as per your liking.

Hit the “Space Bar” key again and then type another folder name. Do this step until you type all the folder names you want.

The command in Command Prompt

Now, hit the “Enter” key and that is all.

Created folders


You can create multiple folders and subfolders at once and here is the command for that:

md ab efg hi

When you execute the above command, you can see that folder a contains subfolder b, folder e contains subfolder f, and f contains subfolder g, folder h contains subfolder i.

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