How to Create Flashable Zip for Android Apps

If you are installing new custom ROM, you need to install all your favorite apps individually in the android. If you didn’t take backup of the apps, then you need to download all apps from play store which will increase your data usage.

In situations like these, the flashable zip for android apps will help you to install all your favorite android apps in custom recovery.

In a nutshell, if you create a flashable zip for android apps then you can install all the apps in once (using custom recovery). You can avoid the effort to install all the apps individually and it will save your bandwidth and time.

There are two methods to do this task. One method is using app and another method is creating flashable zip manually. Use the method which is convenient to you. Let’s get started.

Create Flashable Zip for Android Apps

Method #1


An android app called ZIPme helps us to create a flashable zip. You can download it from here.

It is important to note that the rooted android device is needed to use this app.


Since the app is in the beta, you can check a single app once before creating the flashable zip for your favorite android apps.

I highly recommend you to test with the single app first.

Install and open it.

Click on the plus button at the bottom right corner.

Now, you can see many options. Choose the apps.

The app will list downloaded and system apps.

Touch the icon of the app and the apps will be selected. Select the apps which you want to include in the flashable zip.

Once you selected the apps, click on the done at the top right corner.

Now, it provides 3 options. Choose the one you prefer. Now, you are on the screen where you can see all the selected apps.

Click on the create button at the bottom to create a flashable zip for android apps.

Select the directory where you want this zip file to store and provide the file name to the zip file. Make sure that the file name will remind you the content of the zip file.

Click on the continue button.

Now, the app will begin the process to make a zip file. Once the process is done successfully, you can see the success notification in the app and you’ll see the zip file at the saved location.

Method #2

Manual Method

In this method, we are going to create a zip file manually. Let’s get started.

In your computer, download the recovery flashable zip template.

Extract the file using unzipping software.

Now, you see the two files named “META-INF” and “system” in the extracted folder.

Open the system folder. Create a new folder named “app” (without quotes).

Copy all apk files of your favorite android apps and paste them in the app folder.

Now, go back to the extracted folder where you can see the 2 folders “META-INF” and “system”.

Press ctrl+a to select both the folders. Right click them and select the add to archive option to create a zip file. (If you are using 7zip, then select 7zip > add to

That’s it. You can see the flashable zip containing all your favorite android apps. Transfer the zip file to the android and flash it in custom recovery when needed.

Steps to Flash Zip Files using CWM Recovery

Now, we have the flashable zip for android apps. The next step is to flash it in the custom recovery (in this instance, CWM recovery is used).

Before move ahead, make sure that the phone has rooted and custom recovery installed. Let’s get started.

​Boot the phone into the recovery mode.

In the CWM recovery menu, select the “install zip from sd card” option.

Select the “choose zip from sd card” option.

Now, you can see the flashable zip we have created on your sd card.

Select the zip file and confirm the installation.

Reboot the Android phone.

That’s it. You’ve successfully flashed zip file using cwm recovery.

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