How to Create a Facebook Account

Facebook needs no introduction. So, let’s go straight ahead to the steps to create a Facebook account.

Note: Keep in mind that you must be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account.

Create a Facebook Account


Go to

Now, under the “Create an account,” you need to provide your details to create an FB account.

Provide your name, email or phone number, passwordbirthday and gender. In this instance, I am proceeding with providing “email address.”

After you provided all the details, just click on “Create an account” button.

If you have chosen to provide “email address” while creating an account, then you need to confirm your email address.

Click “Connect to Gmail” button.

Confirm your email address screen

On the new window, provide your email address and password.

That’s it. Your account will be confirmed.

Account confirmed notification

Note: If you have chosen to create an account using “Phone number,” then you will receive an SMS with the code which you need to enter to confirm your account.

Now you can see “Add Friends” screen:

Add friends screen

Click “Add Friend” button, if you want to send the friend request. Once you were done, Tap “Next.” In this instance, I am going forward without adding any friends.

Now, you can see the “News Feed” on your Facebook homepage:

Facebook homepage after sign up for a new account

From here, you can add the profile picture and send the friend requests.

Once your friend request is accepted by your friends, you can see their contents on your “News Feed.”

Facebook App for Android

If you want to create a Facebook account using Facebook app, then follow the below steps:

Install and open the Facebook app.

Now, tap “Create New Facebook Account” button.

Facebook app's Create New Facebook Account button

Tap “Next” button.

Create Account screen on Facebook app

It will ask you to provide permissions for the app. Tap “Allow” for granting permissions.

By default, the app will load up with your Mobile and country details by itself. If you wish to sign up with the email address, just tap the “Sign Up With Email Address” link, which you can find at the bottom of the screen. In this instance, I am proceeding with the mobile number. Tap “Next.”

Mobile number auto filled on Facebook app while sign up

Type password for your account and tap “Next.”

Provide your first and last name, tap “Next.”

Choose your Birthday and tap “Next.” On the age confirmation popup, tap “Yes.”

Choose your gender and hit “Next.”

The Facebook may show you to confirm your email which you can confirm or skip. In this instance, I am skipping it.

Now, you will be shown with the “Terms & Privacy” screen. Read the contents of the screen and then tap “Sign Up” button. If you wish to sign up without uploading your contacts, tap “Sign up without uploading my contacts” link.

Facebook Terms & Privacy screen

That’s it. The FB will start creating your account and ask you to provide the permission again.

After you provide the permission, you can see a popup which is for the “One tap login.” You can choose an option you prefer. In this instance, I am selecting “Not Now” option.

Now, it will show you the “Add Friends” screen. You can send friend requests from there or skip it. In this instance, I am skipping it.

Next, it will show you the screen to add a profile picture. It is up to you to decide about adding the profile picture. If you prefer to add later, just tap “Skip” at top right.

Next, “Remember password” screen. Tap “OK” or “Not Now” as per your wish.

That’s it. All set.

Now, you can see the “News Feed,” where you will see your friends contents.

Homepage of new Facebook account on Facebook app

Tap the “second” icon at the top of the app to see all friends suggestions. If you did not find your friends there, just use the Search box to find them.

So, go through adding friends, and once they accept your friend requests, you can see their contents on your “News Feed.”

Here are some essential things that you need to know:

You can ​​​​only create one account per email address.

The Facebook personal profile is for the non-commercial use, and it represents a person.

Creating more than one personal account is against the Facebook norms.

You can access Facebook using its web version (which is for computer), Facebook app or mobile version of Facebook (which is for mobile devices).

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