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How to Convert Wired Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers

You can easily convert your wired speakers to Bluetooth speakers, and all you need to do this task is "Bluetooth Receiver."

It is available in different models and price ranges. You can grab the one you want from here.

Well, let's find out how to use Bluetooth receiver to convert wired speaker into Bluetooth.

Convert Wired Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers


Keep in mind that the steps may vary depending upon your speaker and receiver type.

In this instance, I talk about the steps to connect this kind of Bluetooth receiver to speakers without a port.


  • angle-double-right
    Connect Bluetooth receiver to the USB power adapter or any power source of your choice.
  • angle-double-right
    Grab the speaker's audio cable and connect it to the other end of the Bluetooth receiver.
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    Now, grab your Android device (or the device of your choice which has Bluetooth functionality) and then turn on Bluetooth in it.
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    You can see the Bluetooth receiver name on your device now. If you wonder what the name of the receiver you grab is, just look into the manual that comes with the receiver to find it out.
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    Tap on the receiver name and the receiver will be connected to your Android device.
Bluetooth receiver connected to Android device

That is all. Enjoy your Bluetooth speaker.

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How to Convert Wired Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers

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