How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Message into Text

There are some situations where you cannot listen to WhatsApp voice message. For instance, you are in a Theatre, and you do not have a headphone with you.

In such cases, converting WhatsApp voice message into text comes handy.

WhatsApp does not have the built-in option for this task, and third-party apps are the only way to go.

Without further ado, let’s see the two apps that help us with this task.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Message into Text

Method #1

Install and open the Transcriber for WhatsApp app.

After you go through the notes, you can see the main screen.

Tap the Language drop-down list, and you can see the languages that are currently supported by the app.

Choose the language as per your need. You can also set the Conversion quality and UI as per your need.

Once you are done, just open WhatsApp.

Open the chat with the voice message that you want to convert to text.

Long press the voice message.

Tap the “Share” icon at the top. Now you can see many options.

Choose the Transcriber app. Allow permissions for the Transcriber app.

That’s it. The Transcriber app will begin its process and will give the voice message in the form of text once the process is complete.

Method #2

Install and open the Textr – Voice Message to Text app. Provide the permissions for the app.

Tap EN (EN represents the English language which the is default language of the app) at the top.

​Now, tap the Message Language drop-down list, and you can see many languages from which you can choose the one you need.

Open the WhatsApp chat that has the voice message you wish to convert.

Long press the voice message and then tap “Share” icon at the top.

Choose the “Textr,” and it will take you to the Textr app.

The Textr app will begin its process, and it will show you the voice message into text once the process is complete.

Final Thoughts

Both the app does the task well. But not all the times. While I test these apps, they produce correct results and some incorrect results too.

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