How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Message into Text

There are some cases where you can’t hear the WhatsApp voice message. For instance, you’re in a Theatre, and you don’t have headphones with you.

In such cases, turning the WhatsApp voice message into text is useful.

WhatsApp for Android has no built-in option for this task, and third-party apps are the only way. Without further ado, let’s see the steps.

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How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Message into Text

Install and open the Transcriber for WhatsApp app. Tap three vertical dots at the top right and then hit “Settings.” Play with the options as you wish.

Once you’re done, start WhatsApp. Open the chat with the voice message that you want to convert to text. Long press the voice message.

Tap the “Share” icon at the top. Now you can see many options. Two options belong to this app. The first plays the voice message, and the second turns voice message to text.

First Option

Choose “Play voice message in incognito.” Give permission. In the pop-up, tap the “Play” icon to play the voice message.

Second Option

Choose “Transcribe.” In the pop-up, tap “Show permissions.” Give permission. That’s all. The app will start the process. Once done, you can see the text.


The app does the task well. But I got the error like the server is down when I tried this app.

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