How to Clone WordPress Widget

Have you ever want to clone a WordPress widget?

If your answer is yes, then this post is for you.

Recently, I decided to create custom sidebars for Technology Hint. I’m using Mythemeshop schema theme and it has custom sidebar feature.

If you want to have the custom sidebar on your blog and your theme doesn’t have this option, then you can try this plugin (I didn’t try it. If you tried this, let us know your experiences in the comments section.)

While creating custom sidebars, I need to duplicate many widgets along with its settings. Manually duplicating widgets is a time consuming and irritating task.

So, I took the easy and time-saving way… WordPress plugins.

Widget Clone plugin helps you to clone WordPress widget. Using this plugin is so easy. Let’s check it out.

Clone WordPress Widget


  • Install and activate the plugin. (If you need help with installing plugins, then check it out our WP plugin installation guide.)
  • Go to Widgets section (Appearance > Widgets).
  • Now open a widget in the sidebar and you can see these links:
  • Delete



Clone link on widget
  • Click on "Clone" to copy the widget along with all the settings.
  • Now you can see the cloned widget at the bottom of the original widget. Drag and drop the cloned widget to any sidebar you want.

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