How to Clear App Data or App Cache on Android

Clearing app data or app cache is a simple task and here’s how you can do that on Android Pie:


Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.

Tap “Apps & notifications.”

Now, under “Recently opened apps” section, find and hit the app for which you want to clear data or cache.


If you don’t see the app you prefer in above mentioned section, then tap on “See all X apps” option (X is a total number of installed and disabled apps, excluding system apps (if you want to see system apps too, then tap on Overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the top and then hit “Show system” option)). Now, you can find the app you prefer. After you find the one you prefer, tap it.

See all X apps

Hit “Storage.”

Storage option

Now, you can see two buttons – “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache.”

Clear Storage and Clear Cache buttons

Tap the “Clear Storage” button if you want to clear data. In the confirmation popup, tap “OK.”

Delete app data popup

Note: Keep in mind that clearing data will delete cache too.

Tap the “Clear Cache” button if you want to only clear cache.

That’s it. All done.

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