How to Enable or Disable Use Check Boxes to Select Items in Windows 10

​If you want to selectively select multiple items in File Explorer or Desktop without using the keyboard, then you need to enable checkbox.


  1. Open the File Explorer Options.

  2. Navigate to the “View” tab. Find and select “Use check boxes to select items” option.
    Selected Use check boxes to select items option

  3. Click the “Ok.”

​That’s all. From now on, hover your mouse over an item in the File Explorer or Desktop, and you can see a checkbox which you can use to select the item.

Selected the items using its checkbox

​You can revert to default at any time you want. To do that, unselect “Use check boxes to select items” option and then click “Ok.”

​If you wish, you can do the above tasks with the following steps:

​Open the File Explorer.

Click on the “View” tab in the Ribbon.

Select “Item check boxes” option.

Selected Item check boxes option

​You can revert to default at any time you want by unselecting “Item check boxes” option.

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