How to Check Available Storage in Android

In this post, we’ll see how to check available storage in Android. In this instance, I’m using Android Pie. Let’s get started.

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Method #1

Open the Files app. Tap “Browse” if you’re not in it already.

Scroll to the bottom. Now, you can see the available storage of the storage devices in your Android device.

Storage Devices section

As you can see from the above screenshot, the available space in the “Internal Storage” of my device is 45 GB. The free storage in the “SD card” is 1.9 GB.

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Method #2

Open Settings. Tap “Storage.”

Now, look beneath the “Internal shared storage.” There you can see the internal storage capacity of your Android device and the used storage space. Subtract these two values to find the available storage of your internal storage.

To find out the SD card available storage:

You need to look beneath the “Portable storage” section where you can find your SD card.

Now, you need to see under your SD card name. There you can see your SD card capacity and the used storage space. Subtract both these values to find out the available storage of your SD card.

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