How to Change Your Password on WordPress

You can change your WordPress password at any time you want, and let's see how to do this task.

Note: If you have forgotten your WordPress password, then check out this post.

Change Your WordPress Password


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    ​Log in to your WordPress blog.
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    Navigate to Users > Your Profile.
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    Scroll down until you find the "Account Management" section.
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    Click on "Generate Password" button.
Generate Password button
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    ​Now, you can see ​a password that is generated by the WordPress for you.
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    If you are OK with that, go on to the next step. If not, just clear the "New Password" field and type the password you want. I suggest you to give a "Strong" password.
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    If you want, note down your password in a safe place.
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    Now, click on "Update Profile" button.
Update Profile button on WordPress

That is all. The password is changed successfully.

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