How to Change UI Sounds on Android

Every Android device comes with inbuilt UI sounds. If you wish, you can change them with the custom sounds.

.Ogg is the only sound format you can use for the UI sounds (system sounds).

If you have sound files in any other format, then you can use Format Factory (or any other similar software) to convert it to the Ogg format.

I recommend you to take a Nandroid backup before making any changes. Let’s get started.

Change UI Sounds on Android [Rooted Device only]


  • Install and open Root Browser.
  • Navigate to /system/media/audio/ui.
  • Now you can see UI sounds for the lock, unlock, camera click and many more. In this instance, I am changing the camera click sound.
  • Rename the camera_click.ogg to camera_click.ogg.bak. Now, you have the backup of the original sound file.
  • Navigate to the folder which has the new sound file. Rename the sound file to camera_click.ogg. It is important to note that all the file names are case sensitive.
  • Copy and paste it in the /system/media/audio/ui (See screenshot).
  • Pasted new camera click sound
  • Reboot your phone and now you can see that the camera click sound is successfully changed.

If you want old camera click sound, delete the current one and rename the camera_click.ogg.bak to camera_click.ogg.

You can use the same above procedure to change all the UI sounds on Android.

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How to Change UI Sounds on Android

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