How to Change Keyboard on Android

I’ve already talked about how to delete learned words on Android.

In this post, we’ll see the steps to change the keyboard on Android (in this instance, I’m using Android Pie). Let’s get started.

Open Settings app.

Hit System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard.

Tap “Manage keyboards.”

Find and tap the keyboard you want. In our instance, it is “SwiftKey.”

In the popup, hit “Ok.”

Attention popup

Now, do any one of the following:

Disable the active keyboards except the one you’ve enabled earlier (in our instance, it is SwiftKey) by tapping them.

Except SwiftKey other enabled keyboards are disabled

That’s all. The keyboard is successfully changed.

Note: After applying the above steps, only one step in SwiftKey installation remains incomplete.

So, open the SwiftKey app, hit the “Get Better Predictions” option, and then tap the option you prefer. In this instance, I choose “Not now.” That’s all. All done.

Hit the “Back” button.

Tap the keyboard you want to use (in our case, it is SwiftKey) and then tap “Select SwiftKey.”

Select SwiftKey option

In the “Change keyboard” popup, choose the keyboard you prefer.

Change keyboard popup

Now, tap the “Get Better Predictions” option and then tap the option you prefer. In this instance, I choose “Not now.” That’s it. All done.

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