How to Change App Icons on Android

If you want to change the icon of an app, then you can do it in many ways on android. In this post, we will see two apps to change icons on android.

Both the app works on the rooted and non-rooted devices. Let’s get started.

Change App Icons on Android

Method #1

Nova Launcher


After you installed and setup the launcher, long press an app icon on the home screen for which you want to change the icon.

In the menu, choose the “edit” option.

You can see a small popup window.

Click on the icon in the popup.

In the select theme screen, choose the icon you prefer.

Only a few icons are available by default. If you want more choice of icons, you need to download the icon pack.

If you’ve installed any icon pack, it will be shown in the select theme screen. I’ve installed the polycon icon pack on my device and it is shown in the select theme screen.

I suggest you to install icon pack so that you can see many choices of icons to change.

Select an icon and you can see that the icon you select is now assigned to the shortcut.

Tap the done button and that’s it.

The above steps will change the individual app icon on the home screen and the app drawer icon of the corresponding app will remain intact.

Restore Icon to Default

If you want to get the default icon, do the following steps

Long press the icon and choose edit.

In the popup window, tap the icon.

Now, select the default icon under the “common” section.

Tap done button.

Method #2



Open the app.

Navigate to “applications” section.

Tap the app for which you want to change the icon.

Click on the “tap to change icon” option.

Choose the icon type.

In this instance, I’m using “themes/icon packs” option.

Choose the icon you want.

Click on the create button and that’s it. Now, you can see the app shortcut with the icon you choose on the home screen.

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