How to Change Font in Notepad and WordPad

In this post, we’ll see how to change the font in Notepad and WordPad (in this instance, I’m using Windows 10). Let’s get started.


The default Notepad font is “Consolas.” If you want to change it, follow the below steps:


  1. Open Notepad.

  2. Click on the “Format” and then “Font.”

  3. In the popup, under “Font,” you can see the list of fonts. Choose the one you prefer.
    Selected Cambria font in Notepad

  4. If you wish, you can also change the default font size, script, and style from here.

  5. Once you’re done with the selection, hit the “Ok” button.

That’s it. The default font is changed successfully.

Remember that you can’t change the font for selective text in Notepad.

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The default WordPad font is “Calibri” which you can’t change.

However, you can change the font of the WordPad document, and here’s how:

  1. Open WordPad document.
  2. Select the text for which you want to change the font and then select the font you prefer from the “Font” drop-down list at the top.
Selected Comic Sans MS font in WordPad

That’s it. All done.

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