How to Change File Extension on Android

In this post, we’ll view the steps to change the file extension on Android. In this instance, I’m using Android Pie. Let’s get started.

Change File Extension on Android

  1. Open the Files app. Tap “Browse” if you’re not in it already.

  2. Scroll to the bottom. Choose “Internal Storage” or your SD card.

  3. Now, find the file for which you want to change the extension.

  4. Long-press that file and then hit three vertical dots at the top.

  5. Tap “Rename,” and in the popup, you can see the file name, a dot, and the extension of the file.

  6. Remove the existing extension and then enter the extension you prefer.

  7. Hit the “Ok” button.

  8. Tap “Rename.”

That’s it. All done.

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