How to Change Facebook Password

If you want to change Facebook password, then here are the steps:


Click this URL, and you’ll be in the “Security and login” screen of Facebook. Make sure you’ve hit the URL after signed into Facebook.

Click on “Edit” button beside “Change password.”

Change password

In the “Current” field, enter your current password. In the remaining fields, enter your new password.

Click on “Save Changes” button.

Save Changes button

That’s all. The password is changed successfully.


Open Facebook app.

Hit the Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) at the top.

Find and hit “Settings & Privacy.”

Tap Settings > Security and Login.

Tap “Change password” option.

Change password option

Enter your current password in the “Current password” field. In both the remaining fields, enter your new password.

Hit “Save Changes” button.

Save Changes button in Facebook app

That’s it. Your Facebook account password is changed successfully.

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