How to Change Default Search Engine on PC and Android Browsers

When you type a search term in the browser’s Address Bar and then press “Enter,” the browser will open the search results for that search term in the default search engine of the browser.

Every browser has default search engine. If you are not “OK” with the current one, you can change default search engine of your browser at any time you want.

In this post, we will see the steps to change default search engine on the web and Android browsers. Let’s get started.

Change Default Search Engine



Here is an important thing to note: The Edge, by default, only shows the default search engine (Bing).

Only Bing is available in the search engine list of Edge

So first, you need to visit the search engine (for instance: or web page (for example: that you want to change as default.

Just when you do that, Edge will show that search engine or web page within the list of search engines. Remember that it will only be shown there if the search engine or web page uses OpenSearch technology.


Open Edge browser.

Visit the search engine you want. In this instance, I am visiting “Google.”

Click “three horizontal dots” at the top right corner of the screen.

Choose “Settings.”

Click “View advanced settings” button.

View advanced settings button

Find and click “Change search engine” button.

Change search engine button

Now, you can see the search engines. In our case, the default one (“Bing”) and the one that I visited (“Google”) is available.

Google is showing in the search engine list

Select the one you prefer and click on “Set as default” button.

Set as default button in Edge
Set Google as default search engine


Open Chrome web browser.

Click on Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings.

Under “Search engine” section, you can find drop-down list beside “Search engine used in the address bar.”

Search engine drop-down list

Open drop-down list and choose the one you prefer from the available search engines.

Opened search engine drop-down list in Chrome
Made Bing as default


Go to the “Manage search engines” option under “Search engine” section, and you may see some of your visited search engines and web pages under “Other search engines.” Web page or search engine that uses OpenSearch technology will be listed there.

If you do not see the website that you wish to be there, then you can add custom search engine by using the following steps:

Click “Add” option.

Add option

Provide the name and keyword as per your wish. For the last field, you need to do the following:

Go to the website you want to add. Do a search in it. Copy the address from Address Bar. Paste it in the last field of the popup.

In the URL, remove the search term and replace its position with %s (for instance: https:

Click “Add.” That is all.

You can search using anyone in the “Other search engines” section without making it default and here is how:

Type the keyword of the search engine or site and then press “Tab” key. Now, enter the search term and press “Enter” key.

To make search engine or site under “Other search engines” section as default one, click Overflow Menu beside the one you prefer and click on “Make default” option.

Make default option

The chosen one will become the default, and it will be added to the “Default search engines” list.

Search engine from Other search engines section made as default


Open Firefox.

Click on “Hamburger” icon (three vertical lines) and then select “Options.”

Click “Search” in the left sidebar.

The default search engine of Firefox web browser is “Google.”

Search engine drop-down list in Firefox

Click the drop-down list under “Default Search Engine” section.

Opened drop-down list

Now, choose the search engine you wish from the available options.

Changed Bing as default search engine


To add search engines to the Firefox, follow the below steps:

Click “Find more search engines” link which is available under “One-Click Search Engines” section. It will take you to the specific add-ons page where you will see search engine add-ons. Click the one you prefer and then install the add-on. Now, you can see that search engine in the search engine drop-down list.

Keep in mind that not every site can be added to the search engine list using above steps.

To simplify the process of searching specific websites, you can use “Smart Keywords” feature and here is how:

Go to the site and right click on the search box of that site. Choose “Add a keyword for this search.” In this popup, edit the name if you want, provide keyword and then tap “Save” button. It is saved as “Smart Bookmark.”

From now on, you need to type the keyword and search term (for instance: th WordPress) on the Address Bar and then press “Enter.” The search results for that search term from the specific site will be shown to you.

Remember that you cannot add Smart Keywords to search engine list.



Open Edge app.

Tap “three horizontal dots” at the bottom.

Select “Settings.”

Tap “Default search engine” option.

Default search engine option in Edge app

Choose the one you prefer from the list of available search engines.

Google chosen as default search engine in Edge app


To add a website to the search engine list, just follow the below steps:

Go to the website you wish to add. Do a search in it. That is all. Now, you can see that website on the search engine list.

When I test, most of the websites are added using the above steps. However, some of them did not get added to the list.


Open Chrome app.

Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings.

Tap “Search engine.”

Search engine option in Chrome app

Now, tap the search engine you prefer from the list of available search engines. 

Bing set as default search engine in Chrome app

Note: Likewise Edge app, you can add a website to list by visiting that website and do a search in it.

When I test, most of the websites get added except some.


Open Firefox.

Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.

Tap Settings > Search.

Likewise Firefox web browser, “Google” is the default search engine in Firefox for Android.

From the list of search engines, tap the one you prefer.

Tap “Set as default” in the popup.

Set as default option in Firefox app
Bing set as default search engine on Firefox app


You can add any website to the list of search engines by following the below steps:

Long press the search box of the site you wish. The Firefox app will show you “Add Search Engine” option. Tap it.

Add Search Engine option

In the popup, edit the name of the search engine if you wish and then tap “OK.”

Add Search Engine popup

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