How to Boot Android into Recovery Mode

In this post, you will see the steps to boot Android into recovery mode. Let’s get started.

How to Boot Android into Recovery Mode

Method #1

Shut down your Android phone.

Press the “Volume down” and “Power” keys simultaneously and hold them until you see the words on the screen of your device.

Then press the “Volume down” button until you see the “Recovery Mode.”

Now press the “Power” button.

Note: If the button combination mentioned in the second step above does not work on your device, try that step with the “Volume up” and “Power” keys.

Method #2

This method is only suitable for rooted Android devices.


Install and open the Simple Reboot app.

Provide root permission.

Now you will see a menu with these options – Power off, Restart, Soft restart, Restart to recovery, Restart to bootloader, Restart to safe mode.

Click on the “Restart to recovery” option.

Method #3

You can boot Android into recovery mode by using the following command on your PC (but you need to enable USB debugging on Android and install ADB drivers on your PC for this)

or Android (but you need to install Terminal Emulator for Android app for that).

The command is:

  • adb reboot recovery (for PC)
  • reboot recovery (for Android)

I use this method on an Android phone.

In the Terminal Emulator app, type su and then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Now, provide the root permission for the app.

Type reboot recovery and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.