How to Use Bluetooth Tethering on Android

Bluetooth tethering is one of the tethering methods which is used to share your mobile's data connection with other devices via Bluetooth.

It uses less battery power while compared with WiFi tethering. However, it is the slowest in terms of speed while comparing with WiFi tethering and USB tethering.

The main drawback here is that you can share the internet with only one device at a time.

For Bluetooth tethering, no software or peripherals are required. But, there are two important things to ensure before doing it.

  • Both Android and PC or Laptop should have the Bluetooth functionality to do Bluetooth tethering. It is important to note that it is available after Android Ice Cream Sandwich version (4.0) as a built-in feature. Also, install Bluetooth drivers on the computer if necessary.
  • Make sure your carrier, mobile operator or mobile data tariff allows Bluetooth tethering. Because some carrier may charge you extra for tethering. Let's get started.

Use Bluetooth Tethering on Android


  • In the Laptop, enable Bluetooth. Make sure that the device visibility is on.
  • In Android, enable data connection.
  • Go to Settings. Select “Wireless & networks”.
  • Go to “Tethering & portable hotspot”.
  • Enable "Bluetooth tethering" option. This will enable Bluetooth in your mobile and allows the device to do Bluetooth tether. Go to Bluetooth settings to ensure that visibility is turned on. If not, change device setting as visible.
  • There are two ways to connect (or pair) your devices. Choose any one of the methods below.
  • 1
    • In the Laptop, Right click "Bluetooth" icon in the notification area.
    • Choose "Add a device".
    • Add a device window will open and it will show your device.Select your device and click "Next".
    • Pair your devices and your devices will be successfully connected.
    • In mobile, Go to Bluetooth settings.
    • Click search for devices option. You'll find your device name.
    • Click your device name. In the Laptop, you'll get a notification about the device pairing.
    • Click the notification and pair your devices. Now, devices are successfully connected.
  • After devices are connected, Go to Control panel > Devices and Printers. Right click on your Android device name and select Connect using > Access point.
  • You’ll get a notification about internet connection on the Android. Click on the notification. Choose "Allow" to allow Bluetooth tethering.
  • Bluetooth tethering is enabled
    • Save

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How to Use Bluetooth Tethering on Android

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