Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging for Beginners (From My Own Experience)

Last year, I was a beginner who knows nothing about blogging.

Thankfully, I’ve come across the one year of my blogging career which has taught me so many things and that’s what helped me to write this post.

Do's and Don'ts of Blogging

If you closely look at the articles on Technology Hint about blogging, you can see that most of my articles are for beginners.

I’ve come across the path of beginner, So I know how much difficult it is for the beginners to get into the process of getting started and getting success with their blog. That’s why I've focused a lot on the beginner articles and this is one of them.

In the one year, I’ve done a lot of experiments on Technology Hint. These experiments helped me to classify the do's and don'ts.

In this post, I’ll share some do's and don'ts from my personal experience which will save your time and effort. Let’s get started.

Blogging Don'ts for Beginners

Don'ts of blogging

Don’t Put Advertisements without Enough Traffic

If you are a regular reader of Technology Hint, you may have noticed that I’ve used plenty of advertising networks on this blog.

And can you guess my result?

The result is nothing, but a big Zero.

Why? Because I don’t have enough traffic while I was trying the ad networks.

Trust me, You can’t earn money without decent traffic no matter which ad network you are using on your blog.

So, my suggestion is to bring some decent traffic to your site first. You can do that by writing quality contents and helping your readers to solve their problems. After you get the decent traffic, monetize your blog with ads.

Don’t Try to Sell AD Space

Why? Because it won’t work.

The advertiser only prefers to purchase when they have some benefit from the ad space on your blog.

Generally, a new blog attracts the fewer visitors. Advertisers preferred to purchase an ad slot from you when you have a decent targeted traffic.

If you don’t enough traffic, then selling ad space will not work for your blog.

Don’t Lock Content

Locking content for a social share is a technique used by some bloggers to get shares for their content.

I tried this technique and it’s not worked for me. To be honest, it may bring success to some big blogs. But, for the new blogs, I don't think so.

Blogging Do's for Beginners

Do's of blogging

Do Invest Money on Blogging Tools

I prefer free tools from the beginning. I used free themes for Technology Hint.

A few months ago, I purchased the premium theme from MyThemeShop and it helps in growing the blog.

Like it or not, the fact is "Premium tools have some advantages than free tools".

It doesn’t mean you can't make the success with the free tools. You can succeed by using free tools. But, it takes a long time than you expected.

Premium tools offer a great set of functionality which saves your time and effort and helps you in growing your blog.

Please don't get me wrong. I never suggest you purchase premium products for everything. But, I suggest you spend money on tools which help you with your blog growth.

Apply What You've Read

This one is huge. I’ve read a lot of posts daily. But, the sad fact is I just read it and I didn’t apply what I’ve read.

It’s a huge mistake. If you are doing this mistake, then it's time to stop it.

Apply the good techniques you’ve read and see how it is working for you. Recently, I begin this approach and it produces some good results.

Do Try New Things

Don't stick with a single ad network, tool or design. I've changed things a lot and I'm still doing.

Try to begin with the little changes such as changing the color of the optin form or trying a new plugin instead of the plugin you use.

It will give you an experience and progress. However, there are many things to note here:

  • Do take a backup before making any changes to the site.
  • If the plugin or design you are currently using is comfortable and working best to you, don't change it.
  • Don't try to change everything and don't change things frequently. Changing a lot confuses your readers and if done wrong, it will become your big headache.
  • Don't try anything, if you are not comfortable and sure about it.

All the things that I've shared may not be applicable to you. But, some of them will. All the things are written from my personal experience and I hope this is useful to you in any way.

It’s your turn

Which dont's you want to avoid? Which do's and don’ts you can add to this list from your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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