Blogger Guide for Beginners

I’ve created this guide exclusively for the beginners and sharing all the information they need in this single place.

From here, you can get all the information in a step by step format.

I'm regularly updating this guide and I will add more topics to this guide in the upcoming days.

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Blogger (Blogspot)

Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google. Many popular bloggers were started their journey with the Blogger.

If you are a complete beginner, then Blogger is the best choice to start your blog.

For starting Blogger blog, you need to have a Gmail account. If you have Gmail account, then you are good to go.

After you've created blog, there are a lot of basic setting which you need to configure in Blogger.

Customize Blogger Blog

If you wish to customize your Blogger blog as per your liking and to make it professional, here are some tutorial which will help you to do that.

But, before you do any changes to the Blogger, it is better to take a backup of the Blogger template.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The following tutorials are useful to you to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

Blogspot SEO

Here is some more tutorial for you to improve your blog SEO.

I recommend you to take a blogger blog backup at regular intervals. Because, when something goes wrong, you can use this backup to import.

Delete Blogspot

In a single blogger account, you can create up to 100 blogs. It may happen that you can't maintain all the blogs you have created. In this case, you can delete the blogs that you can't maintain and focus on your primary blogs.

​I hope this guide is useful to you. If it is, share this guide with your friends.

Blogger Guide for Beginners

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