How to Schedule Android to Block Distracting Apps Automatically

Productivity is important for everyone. Sometimes, your Android device may come with something interesting and you get distracted by them. This will result in the decrease of your productivity.

In this post, we will see the Android app Block Apps - More Productivity to handle the distraction from Android.

This productivity app can block all the distracting apps for a particular time on Android which help us to increase our productivity.​

Schedule Android to Block Distracting Apps Automatically


  • Open the app. Provide the permission for the app.
  • Click on + icon and provide a name for your profile. In the free version, you can add a maximum of 3 profiles (blocks).
  • Set the amount of time and week days as per your need.
  • Select the apps that you want to block. In the free version, you can add a maximum of 6 apps per profile.
  • Selected distracting apps to block
  • Once you set all as per your wish, tap the tick icon.
  • Morning block

That's all. As per the schedule, your profile gets activated automatically.

Once the profile is active, you can see the lock icon on the Notification bar. If you don't want this notification on the Notification bar, then turn off it in the Settings.

Here are some other important things to note:

  • You can't open the app when it is blocked. So, I suggest you to set the correct time and day you need. In case, you really need to open the app, just restart the mobile and you can access the app.
  • If you try to open the blocked app, then you'll see this message:
  • Block notification with quote
  • If you don't want the quotes on the blocked apps notification, then go to Overflow menu (three vertical dots) > Settings > disable the "Show quote at blocked app".
  • Block notification without quote
  • You can edit or delete the profile while it is active. But the thing is it will only be applied after that profile period ends. In a nutshell, nothing will be applied to the profile until its period ends.
  • You can start an inactive block immediately for a specific time duration. To do that, slide the inactive block to the left and select the duration as per your wish.
  • You may receive the notifications from the blocked app. I hope this will be fixed in the upcoming versions.
  • I highly suggest you to check the FAQ (Oveflow menu > Settings > FAQ) to get the better understanding about the app.

I hope that the information in this post is useful to you. If you find the information in this post useful, share this post with your friends.

How to Schedule Android to Block Distracting Apps Automatically

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